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Crappy Cars Cruise Australian Outback

Ready to roll in the Shitbox Rally

Ready to roll in the Shitbox Rally

Friday, March 19, 2010 17:58 GMT

SYDNEY, Australia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sometimes crappy cars can’t even make it down the street, so a full-on road trip is a real stretch.

Tomorrow (Mar. 20), 20 teams driving old, rusty cars will begin a week-long trek across the Australian outback for the first ever “Sh■tbox Rally.”

The lengthy ride from Sydney to Alice Springs will raise money for the Cancer Council and test beat-up buckets against tough terrain.

Event creator James Freeman says each participating “sh■tbox” can’t be worth more than $900.

People’s first cars work well for this, or anything a driver “wouldn’t otherwise be caught dead in.”

Freeman himself is cruising the route in a rickety, 1989 Toyota Camry Wagon, and another team is driving a car they bought for only $50.

Most of the lemons have cassette players, so he’s made mixed tapes to go around.

He expects quite a few breakdowns, but luckily, his car is stocked with gaffers tape, string, and spare tires.