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DIY Restaurant Allows Theft

Everything is open source at this joint

Everything is open source at this joint

Thursday, February 25, 2010 17:04 GMT

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One Dutch eatery allows patrons to openly steal from it.

The Instructables Restaurant is a project by designers Arne Hendriks and Bas van Abel, who took the concept of, a do-it-yourself website that gives step-by- step project instructions, and applied it to the restaurant business.

Everything in the eatery is handmade from DIY projects found on the website. Then, it pays the creative energy forward.

Diners can see the recipes for everything on the menu so they can make the same dishes at home, and even get instructions on how to make everything at the venue, including the tables, light fixtures, and furniture so they can steal the ideas.

The team calls the restaurant an “experiment in Internet digestion,” since everything in it is pulled from the web and the information will likely spread online.

So far, the restaurant is only in Amsterdam, but plans for other locations are underway.