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Will The Real Antichrist Please Stand Up?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 17:21 GMT

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – No one knows who the true Antichrist is, but one thing is for sure – he’s coming and it’s gonna get ugly.

Some believe the evil spawn of Satan will celebrate his 48th birthday on February 5 and can be identified by a wonky eye, limp walk, and Middle Eastern look.

Psychic Dr. James Capers, however, has his own theories.

Capers thinks the “unclean spirit” is either a blonde, blue-eyed Harvard grad, someone in a senatorial seat, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whoever it is, they’re a “liar” who will leave behind “chaos, calamity, and crisis.”

In fact, Capers is positive the Antichrist is responsible for the devastation in Haiti and believes the evil-doer is cooking up a similar fate for America, namely the San Diego area on his supposed birthday.

He predicts, “San Diego will undergo a tsunami within the next 30 days. The very people sending money to Haiti are gonna need that money back. Scary!”