Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carpet Commercial Drives Dogs Mad

NORFOLK, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Do dogs hate low-priced carpeting and hardwood floor installation?

It would appear so, judging by the dozens of YouTube videos of dogs freaking out and howling in pain at a commercial for Empire Today home furnishings.

The advertisement features a catchy jingle that seems to drive dogs barking mad, and “dog listener” Lucy Parkes says there may be a few reasons why.

The British doggy behavior expert thinks it’s possible that a note in the jingle may sound like another dog in distress, which causes an “upset” reaction in pups.

It’s also possible that Fido might be melting down just to get attention.

Parkes says, “Dogs are very clever. They will work out ways to get attention. If they see howling at a commercial gets them attention, they will do it.”

In that case, Parkes recommends owners ignore the howls so as to not encourage more whiny behavior.

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