Monday, December 21, 2009

Half-Nude Waiters Ease Party Tensions

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Women love a sexy, half-naked man who brings them cocktails and cleans the house.

That’s just what Strip of Meat Caterers in Wellington, New Zealand, provide: Hot men who serve hot food and stiff drinks in nothing but an apron or booty shorts at parties.

Founder Christian Newman says his waiters will even wash dishes and vacuum the house for ogling ladies.

He jokes, “That’s every woman’s dream, isn’t it? Having a boy toy who does all the work and brings them drinks. They can even do shots off their chests.”

Newman says his serving studs give local women much needed eye candy since there’s only one stripper in their town and “he’s rubbish.”

Women start off pretty tame, but after a few drinks, the butt- pinching begins.

The men “ease the tension” of party planning by “doing all the work” and “being partly naked on top of that.”

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