Friday, October 30, 2009

Lou Diamond Phillips: ‘Space Is The New Wild West’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – According to Lou Diamond Phillips, outerspace is the new wild west.

Phillips plays a gunfighter in Angel And The Badman, a remake of the 1947 John Wayne western, out now on DVD.

Phillips – who’s also been in westerns like Young Guns – loves the gritty genre but says cowboy flicks are hard to come by these days.

His theory: Outerspace is taking over as the new wild west.

Phillips thinks sci-fi movies and shows like his current gig, SGU Stargate Universe, are incredibly similar to old westerns with their “bigger-than-life, otherworldly” scenarios and “bizarre costumes.”

Just like in westerns, “big questions about ideals and nobility” are raised in sci-fi, leading Phillips to believe the genres may fuse.

He jokes that futuristic westerns may be on the horizon featuring epic showdowns between cowboys and aliens.

Phillips will continue to do westerns because he loves the idea of ‘boys being boys,” despite the silly period costumes.

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