Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Vampires Woo With Words

WESTMINSTER, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Edward Cullen may have girls swooning, but he’s got nothing on real life vampire poets.

Michael Bloom is a member of the League of Vampiric Bards, a group of vampire poets who perform original verse on life as an immortal for audiences.

He assures that teeny bopper bloodsuckers can’t woo a woman like the real vamps.

He says, “Real vampires have been around longer to hone their craft. What they do with Twilight is just pop culture entertainment. An excuse for swapping spittle. They’re not going for historic, sweeping stories.”

Though he finds the resurgence of “superficial” vampires in pop culture annoying, he does appreciate the publicity it has brought the vampiric lifestyle.

He thanks the increase in wannabe vamps walking around in their goth gear for making it easier to be out as a vampire.

Now real vamps can “get away with more,” like wearing “gothic finery” and living without fear of persecution.

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