Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World Suffers Shmuck Epidemic

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The world is currently suffering from a serious shmuck epidemic.

Just ask “Yiddish national treasure” Michael Wex, author of How To Be A Mentsh (And Not A Shmuck) (Harper), a guide to not being a jerk that’s out today (Sep. 8).

According to Wex, there’s an influx of shmucks living amongst us who are self-involved, think they’re always right, and believe every one of their mother’s praises.

This makes them a shmuck, which really, is the mother of all Yiddish insults.

It literally translates into penis, and is the equivalent of being a totally “clueless, egotistical” douchebag.

Wex says that shmucks “always finish last,” so everyone should strive to be a “mentsh” – someone with morals, integrity, and compassion – instead.

But the shmuck-to-mentsh transformation takes time.

Wex says stopping shmuck behavior isn’t easy, but D-bags can start by doing little things like holding the door for a stranger and simply being nicer to others.

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