Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Botoxed Babes Get Moving Again

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Thanks to one innovative hat, paralyzed faces can get moving again.

Celebrities forsake a lot for their youthful appearance, including the ability to move their face after using Botox.

Luckily, artist Tom Judd has created the Eyebrow Hat, a bowler hat with synthetic eyebrows attached to it that move by way of a controller.

Judd created the Eyebrow Hat as a way to solve the problem of paralysis in those who seek a wrinkle-free face. He got the idea after dining with a friend who was rendered “emotionless” from having “a hell of a lot of Botox done.”

With the hat, Judd believes botoxed actors will finally be able to convey emotion and explains, “They can do surprise and anger, and as soon as they get a hang of it they can pull off special moves. Maybe I’ll pre-program special moves, like James Bond’s scowl.”

If the Eyebrow Hat fails to get stars moving again, Judd says the next step may be an electronic shock hat, which should give them a good twitch.

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