Thursday, June 18, 2009

Become A ‘DILF’ In Time For Father’s Day (Jun. 21)

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Even the schlumpiest dads can turn themselves into a bonafide DILF.

Sam Holt, of dad advice website, is calling for all fathers to lose the socks with sandals and tacky ties and give themselves a DILF makeover for Father’s Day (Jun. 21).

According to Holt, a true DILF – or very hot dad – doesn’t need designer duds, but should look neat, tidy, and happy.

Holt also insists that DILFs use cool diaper bags and strollers when out with their kids to maintain their manly credibility.

More importantly, a DILF makes sure his kid is hot too.

Holt explains, “You get more attention if your baby is good looking. It’s the difference between walking a puppy or a Rottweiler.”

By heeding Holt’s advice, dads will get more female attention and maybe even some cash.

Holt says that in Scotland, DILFs at the market with their kids are often given money by fellow shoppers as a reward for looking so good.

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