Monday, June 1, 2009

Sedation Helmet Covers Scared Kids

BOSTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Getting a kid to take their medicine is hard enough, but giving them anesthesia is downright impossible.

That’s where the PediSedate comes in, a colorful, toy- like headset that connects to a video game console and releases nitrous oxide into a child’s breathing passages so they don’t realize they are being sedated.

Inventor Dr. Geoff Hart – Anesthesia Director at the University of Massachusetts – created the PediSedate as a way to make going into surgery or any other painful procedure less traumatizing for kids.

He was “appalled” at the careless methods docs were using to sedate kids, like tying them down to a board to cooperate with anesthesiologists.

He explains, “So I wed medical technology – which is breathing in anesthesia for a procedure – and something that makes kids feel calm, like playing video games.”

The PediSedate will make doctor’s visits easier for kids.

However, Hart insists it is not to be used to mellow out hyperactive or bratty children.

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