Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Skip To The Sexy Parts In Literary Classics

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Reading literary classics is way more interesting when you skip to the naughty sex scenes.

So says Jack Murnigham, whose latest book Beowulf On The Beach: What To Love And What To Skip In Literature’s 50 Greatest Hits (Three Rivers) provides readers with a guide on the good parts of the books people are supposed to read but never get around to.

Though you wouldn’t think it, many of the classics are actually pervy tales filled with steamy sex scenes.

Murnigham says, “You’d be surprised. In Paradise Lost, not only does [John] Milton write two full-on sex scenes, but he also has the archangel Gabriel tell Adam how they knock boots in heaven.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe’s Faust is also “very naughty,” according to Murnigham, and the masterpiece classic Ulysses by James Joyce has “some blush-inducing sexual extremism.”

By making sure to check out the saucier side of literary classics, he says anyone can get through the books and even enjoy reading them.

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