Monday, May 11, 2009

Whatchamacallits Finally Identified

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Everything has a name, even that little thingamajig at the tip of a shoelace.

Mark McCrum is the co-author of The Whatchamacallit: Those Everyday Objects You Just Can’t Name (And The Things You Think You Know About, But Don’t) (Hyperion), a reference guide about all the thingies you never knew had real names.

For instance, the little doohickey on the end of shoelaces is actually called an “aglet,” and the “bleed nipple” is the name of the tiny screw found on the top of a radiator.

McCrum says knowing the names of whatchamacallits can give one a sense of personal satisfaction since the ability to drop correct terms is pretty impressive.

His favorite random word he discovered while researching for the book is “terminator,” which is the line that divides the dark and light parts of the moon.

Other random terms include “tittle” – the little dot above an “i” or “j” – and “toast well” – the slot in the toaster where you put your bread.

Whatchamacallit hits shelves tomorrow (May 12).

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