Monday, April 13, 2009

Even Dorks Get Their Day In The Porn Biz

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You don’t have to be a big, greased-up stud to be in the porn business.

Just ask dorky porn star Anthony Rosano, who’s starring as the bumbling Gilligan in the adult flick Not Gilligan’s Island XXX, a porn spoof of the classic TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island.

Rosano was easily able to connect with his nerdy character.

He says, “I didn’t find it difficult. I don’t connect to the whole sexy thing. You can be a normal nerdy guy and still be in porn. I tried to use his catchphrases though, like ‘gee wilikers’ or ‘gosh golly wow.’”

Rosano embraces his place as porn’s favorite dork and is glad to have helped his dweeby alter ego finally get some action.

He explains, “I feel like I’ve gotten some redemption for Bob Denver because he never got laid on Gilligan’s Island. Now he’s getting two chicks. It’s kind of a moral victory. Not just for him, but also for klutzy, nerdy guys everywhere.”

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