Friday, February 6, 2009

Beyonce Vs. Etta James: Who’d Win The Diva Catfight?

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Who’d win in a brawl – Beyonce or Etta James?

Recently, R&B icon Etta James started talking smack about the “Single Ladies” singer for belting out her signature tune “At Last” at President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

James said, “Beyonce’s gonna get her a whipped. She has no business up there singing my song that I’ve been singing forever.”

If the divas’ feud ever comes to blows, Jake Kalish, author of Santa Vs. Satan: The Official Compendium Of Imaginary Fights (Three Rivers Press), has a good idea of whose claws would scratch hardest.

He says, “Beyonce is a little spastic. When you see her dancing, she’s all over the place. She’d be unpredictable in a fight. But Etta’s got size on her side and seems tougher.”

Kalish sees Beyonce brawling with her “big, long legs” and unleashing “colt-like kicks” on James, while James would charge like a bull and deliver “straight punches to the face.”

In the end, Kalish calls the fight in Beyonce’s favor since James’ age of 71 may slow her down.

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