Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phone Sex Is A Real Calling

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Some women do phone sex just for the money, but for one woman, it’s a real calling.

Ellie Lumpesse has been a professional phone sex worker for three years and prides herself on providing her customers with real orgasms.

Many times she does this by masturbating, but admits there are times when her real-life boyfriend gets behind her work 100 percent.

It’s tricky positioning on the job but notes, “That’s why bluetooth headsets were invented.”

Lumpesse, who also teaches college-level English, started out pretending to be whatever her phone sex customers wanted, such as a slutty cheerleader, but realized she did her best work when she was just being herself.

However, she admits honesty isn’t always the best policy, such as the time her cat retched right next to the phone, causing her caller to wonder what was happening.

She recalls, “I raised my voice, stifled laughter, and explained that I was shuffling through my sex toys, and he seemed satisfied with that answer.”

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