Monday, November 17, 2008

Penis Size Can’t Be Lied About

MADRID, Spain (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new condom keeps men honest about what they’re packin’ downstairs.

The Condometric condom by Spanish design company Curiosite is a rubber that has measurements printed down its shaft, so curious dudes can size up their wangs.

Company spokesperson Carmen Espina says, “The condom will stop guys from talking about their penis size, because now they can measure it and prove how big they are.”

Along with keeping boys honest about their private parts, Espina says the Condometric can improve fellas sex lives by easing their worries.

She explains, “When guys wear the condom, they can concentrate and enjoy sex without worrying about their size. It says right there on their penis.”

Espina says playful dudes may use the Condometric to compare their penis size with friends and “have a laugh.”

Some dudes, however, may prefer to keep the one-eyed snake in its chamber in case it doesn’t measure up.

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