Friday, October 31, 2008

Household Items Make Great Ghost Hunting Tools

ST. LOUIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Hunting for ghosts doesn’t require any fancy, high-powered gadgets.

So says Greg Myers, ghost researcher with the Paranormal Task Force.

Myers says amateur spirit seekers don’t need to drop big bucks on EVP recorders and electromagnetic sensors because great ghost hunting tools can be found in anyone’s cupboards.

To check for a ghoulish presence in your home, Myers recommends leaving cotton balls on the ground of enclosed spaces, because they’ll be whisked away to other spots by phantom breezes.

He says a regular home thermometer can record drops in temperature, a sure sign that there’s a ghost in your midst.

Another great trick for catching a spirit in action is leaving a glass on a flat surface and making a circle around it with talcum powder or flour to see if it has moved.

Finally, a magnet hanging on a string will start spinning wildly if a ghost is near.

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