Thursday, October 30, 2008

John McCain’s POW Hero Story Is A Lie

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – John McCain’s political career has been built on glorious POW hero stories – but it’s all a sham!

In the documentary Missing and Presumed Dead, producer Bill Dumas uncovers the truth behind the patriotic POW stories John McCain just can’t stop telling.

Turns out, the Republican candidate is building himself up to be much more of a hero than he actually is.

Through interviews with prominent Republicans, Dumas discovered that McCain betrayed America as a POW by divulging secret information, appearing on 32 anti-American propaganda broadcasts, and trying to cover up his not-so-heroic war history.

Dumas says, “He’s built himself to be this mythical war hero. People buy into his story because it’s so elaborate, they have to believe it.”

Dumas thinks Johnny Boy has been fabricating his glory stories for years simply out of “political ambition” and desire to be president.

McCain’s lies feed his own ego, and the Rep may be starting to believe the tall tales himself.

Dumas says McCain is known to “rip you to shreds” if you ever question his POW background.

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