Friday, October 17, 2008

Jesus Would Make An Excellent Rock Frontman

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – What would Jesus do, if he was a rock star?

Rockers Risa Mickenberg and Joel Shelton of the band Jesus H Christ & the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse pondered just that, and have come up with their own conclusions.

Shelton believes a Jesus fronted band would “sound like Pearl Jam” while Mickenberg thinks the Savior would bring out his funky side in a band like Parliament Funkadelic.

One thing they do agree on is that the good Lord has what it takes to bring down the house.

Mickenberg says, “I think he’d be a really good frontman. He’s got the swagger and the long hair.”

Though having Jesus actually sing in their band is not a possibility, Mickenberg and Shelton think the big guy upstairs would dig their hilarious songs, such as “Liz The Hot Receptionist.”

Shelton says, “Jesus was all about cheering people up and our music is all about cheering people up too, so I think he enjoys it.”

Jesus H Christ’s latest album Happier Than You drops Monday (Oct. 20).

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