Friday, October 3, 2008

True White Sox Fans Keep Tabs On Cubs

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You know you’re a White Sox fan if you spend most of your time keeping tabs on the Cubs.

According to avid Chicago baseball fanatic David Rudstein, the signature play of true White Sox fans is to be more concerned about their hometown rivals, the Cubs, than themselves.

Rudstein says, “A good day for the White Sox is when the Cubs lose!”

In contrast, he says Cubs fans “couldn’t care less about what the White Sox are doing,” and stick to their turf on the North side of town.

The two teams are currently in the play-offs and if they end up batting against each other in the World Series, Rudstein says the rivalry could get ugly.

He’s already heard of an incident where a couple of grown Sox fans beat up a Cubs fan at a kid’s birthday party.

He thinks the rivalry stems from socioeconomics, because Sox fans are usually working class, union members, while Cubs fans are professionals who, “May just go to Wrigley Field because it’s the place to be.”

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