Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stunt Diver Plunges To Possible Death

DENVER (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man in Denver knows how to make a splash with his death-defying diving antics.

Darren Taylor, aka Professor Splash, is a high-dive stuntman who wows crowds around the world with his death-defying nose- dives into shallow water.

The daredevil has been hit with his fair share of injuries, including broken bones and full-body bruising, but doesn’t fear the reaper.

He says, “All my friends are dead from doing this. I’m concerned, but I’m more scared of driving down the highway.”

For Taylor, the high-risk high-dives are worth the pain and possible death, especially if it means getting in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Last Friday (Sep. 12), Taylor broke his seventh world record on Jimmy Kimmel Live, diving from 35 feet and six inches in the air into a pool filled with only 12 inches of water.

To combat his nerves, Professor Splash got help from Hollywood legends.

Taylor recounts, “I fed off the energy of all the Hollywood stars on Hollywood Boulevard. They got me through it.”

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