Monday, September 8, 2008

Jewish Lies: No Means Yes, Yes Means No

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jewish people are notorious for saying one thing and meaning another, otherwise known as the Jewish lie.

Esther Cohen has just penned Don’t Mind Me and Other Jewish Lies (Hyperion), a collection of the most subtle, sly Jewish lies she’s been hearing her entire life.

Cohen says the Jewish lie is a language in and of itself, in which Jews, “Mean the exact opposite of what they’re actually saying.”

Common Jewish lies include the loaded “You decide,” “Don’t bother,” “You shouldn’t feel guilty,” and the mother of all Jewish lies: “Don’t mind me.”

Cohen explains, “‘Don’t mind me’ actually means ‘Yes, mind me! Do everything you can to make me feel comfortable!’ Jewish lies are a just circular way of talking.”

Although Jewish lies can be confusing at times, Cohen says the best way to respond to one and avoid discomfort is to master the language.

She suggests responding with, “No problem,” or “It doesn’t matter,” and explains, “You just lie right back!”

Don’t Mind Me hits shelves tomorrow (Sep. 9).

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