Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interior Design Titan Hides Her TV

HARBOUR ISLAND, Bahamas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When it comes to being fashionable, plasma screen TVs fall flat.

That’s the tube talk from India Hicks, model- turned-interior designer, who’s hosting the new season of Top Design on Bravo.

Hicks says her biggest home design pet peeve is when people mount their giant, plasma screen TV in the middle of their living room for all to see.

She doesn’t understand why people insist on openly displaying their TVs, and believes it takes away from the overall style of a room.

She says, “I find showing off your plasma the height of vulgarity! TVs should be hidden, not out in the open. They’re big, ugly, horrible things.”

Hicks learned to hide the TVs in the house from her father, famed interior decorator David Hicks.

But although she keeps her rooms TV-free on the surface, she can’t always control the tube with her four kids running around.

Hicks says her kids love having their TV out, and she’s fine with it, as long as it’s only in their play room.

Season two of Top Design premieres tonight (Sep. 3) on Bravo.

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