Tuesday, August 5, 2008

‘Bi’aaatches’ Are In Need Of Wooing

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Even “bi’aaatches” like to stop and smell the romantic roses.

Brian ZooZoo has just penned How To Woo A Bi’aaatch: The Key To Attracting Females (Otter House), a guy’s guide to getting girls.

ZooZoo uses “bi’aaatch” as a term of endearment, which refers to a “lady so beautiful, she gives you goosebumps.”

He realized he had the “key” to wooing bi’aaatches when he saw a pretty girl at a bar and created a rose out of a napkin for her.

He says, “Girls like guys who are spontaneous, with a hint of mystery.”

ZooZoo says every man should be after a bi’aaatch, because they’re “healthy inside and out,” and make relationships more interesting.

Luckily, meeting one isn’t all that tough, since, in ZooZoo’s words, “Bi’aaatches are everywhere!”

He says guys can meet bi’aaatches at bars, coffee shops, grocery stores, and elevators, but there are certain places to avoid.

ZooZoo says, “The Red Light District is probably not a good place to meet a good girl!”

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