Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lesbians Down With The Word “Dyke”

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For many lesbians, “dyke” is not a dirty word.

That’s the lady lovin’ lesson from Susan Levinkind, who is spreading the word “dyke” at the San Francisco Dyke March on June 28.

Levinkind, a member of the Dyke March committee, says the negative connotations surrounding the word are a thing of the past.

She explains, “We took dyke back 20 years ago, and we’re going to celebrate dykeness with the march. If someone called me a dyke, I’d say, ‘Hey, thanks!’”

More than 50,000 proud dykes will march for one mile to encourage closeted lesbians to follow their motto: “Be out, be out wherever you are.”

Levinkind says, “We don’t care what you look like. We get a full range, from lipstick to full butch lesbians. There’s no prejudice at all.”

Male supporters, however, are on the outs with dykes, and asked to support the march from the sidelines.

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