Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Kind Of Dad Will You Become?

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dad is a complicated man, and someday, you’ll be just like him.

Paul Barker, author of The Perfect Book For Dad: The Astonishingly Complete Guide To Fatherhood (HarperCollins), says that no matter how hard you fight it, you’ll eventually turn into your pops.

But first, you have to figure out what kind of Dad you already have.

Barker’s book breaks down different types of Dads, such as the New Age Dad who eats organic, senses a “higher truth,” and is a pro at tantric sex, and the Rock Dad, who usually sports his favorite worn jeans and Ramones T- shirt.

A Gangster Dad doesn’t stand for wisecracks and steals his own kid’s lunch money, while an Army Dad sets up a strict chain of command within the family.

But no matter what kind of Dad you have or are, Barker says the Daddy duties are the same across the board.

He says it’s every Dad’s job to make up ridiculous answers to their kids’ crazy questions, and when their kid dubs them a hero for something simple like drawing a dog, Dad should be right there to reinforce their kid’s “Dad- miration” while he still can.

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