Monday, June 9, 2008

Pup Spots Who Will Bite The Dust

CANTON, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Predicting death can be a real bitch.

The Pines Nursing Home in Canton, Ohio, has a furry pooch named Scamp on staff who has a special, psychic ability for knowing which elderly resident will be the next to bite the dust.

According to Scamp’s owner, nurse Adeline Baker, the paranormal pup barks and runs at dying residents, and stays in their room until they pass on.

But predicting death has been a bitch for the pup.

She says, “When he lived in the home, his color changed and he wouldn’t eat as well. It was too much for him. Now that he goes home with me, he’s better.”

Baker believes Scamp acquired his death radar after having a near-death experience of his own when he got hit by a car.

So far has predicted more than 40 deaths at the home, but the dog of doom doesn’t scare any of the residents.

Baker says, “Nobody’s afraid, but some of them joke when they see him. They’ll say, ‘Don’t come near me, Scamp.’”

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