Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gamers Become Big Eating Heroes

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Eating tons of food has never been so easy.

Professional eaters will be immortalized for Nintendo’s next WiiWare game, Major League Eating: The Game.

The virtual food fight challenges players to pummel their opponents with burps, farts, and jalapeno flames, and also out- eat them in categories like watermelon, corn, and chicken wings without barfing.

Major League Eating President Richard Shea says the grub gobbling game lets everyday Joes turn into hearty-eating heroes.

He says, “For as many people that would like to be Tom Brady, there are just as many who want to be ‘Crazy Legs’ Conti [competitive eater]. It’s a dream for many.”

For Conti, becoming an avatar with an appetite is “very exciting” because it gives him the chance, as he describes, “to share a meal with America.”

He also gives his stamp of approval on the game’s accuracy.

Conti says, “That’s pretty much what I look like when I eat. It even has my moves, the modified typewriter on corn and the meat umbrella for chicken wings.”

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