Monday, March 10, 2008

Past Presidents Put Weird Into White House

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Even prestigious presidents have their quirks.

Illinois-based historian Bill Fawcett has just penned Oval Office Oddities: An Irreverent Collection Of Presidential Facts, Follies, And Foibles (Harper Collins), a fun look at past presidents’ gaffes, love lives, and strange habits.

Fawcett reveals quirky quips about all 43 American presidents, from “colorful” leaders like Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt, to quiet John Calvin Coolidge, lesser-known Millard Fillmore, and downright dumb Warren G. Harding.

For instance, the “People’s President” Andrew Jackson fought and lived through 100 duels during his lifetime, often carrying pistol balls with him.

Teddy Roosevelt was “bigger than life” and overcame devastating losses when his mother and wife died within 12 hours of each other.

Coolidge – known as Silent Cal – was, as Fawcett puts it, “A massively uninformative, boring man who didn’t cooperate much.” Once, a woman had a bet that she could get Cal to say more than two words, and when she explained the bet to the prez he simply said to her, “You Lose.”

According to Fawcett, Fillmore – the often forgotten president – was the best looking prez America’s ever had, and was so stylish and handsome that it was like “having Fabio for president.”

Finally, Harding was too incompetent and stupid to be president. He got into office solely with the help of his brilliant wife, Florence “The Duchess,” who ran all his campaigns.

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