Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Counting Sheep Gets Scientific

WINDYVILLE, Mo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A higher power may be determining your dreams.

The Global Lucid Dream Experiment is a world-wide scientific study conducted by the College of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri, which will track the moon’s effect on dreaming.

Beginning today (Jan. 22) until February 3, the two-month study is accepting applicants to report the specifics of their dreams through daily emails.

Project director Barbara Condron says the scientific study – which lasts the cycle of two full moons and two new moons – is as simple as hitting the sack.

She says, “Before you go to sleep, you say ‘It is my conscious desire to remember my dream,’ and when you wake up, the first thing you do is write down what you remember, all from the comfort of your own bed.”

But there’s more to the study than just lunar lounging.

Condron says, “We’ve gotten ourselves out of sync with the ebb and flow of the planet. The study will tell you if you’re in sync or not.”

For more info, go to dreamschool.org.

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