Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cloned Beef Has A Nasty Aura

STERLING, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Cloned cows are “steering” one spiritual teacher in the wrong direction.

This past Tuesday (Jan. 15), the United States Food and Drug Administration announced that cloned beef is safe for consumption and will be sold without a warning label in markets across the country.

And although the FDA says cloned meat is safe, Rose Rosetree – an expert on the art of reading spiritual auras – thinks the FDA is full of bulls■■t, and calls their plan to sell cloned meat “irresponsible and stupid.”

According to Rosetree, cloned cows “have no soul, because you can’t clone a soul, and you can’t predict what putting something like that in your body can do.”

Rosetree adds, “Nothing scares me more than the aura of cloned beef and milk. They look like animals, but are really machines.”

To protect yourself, Rosetree recommends learning to read cows’ auras to make sure the beef you eat is made from real animals.

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