Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Citizens Of A New Planet Are Actually Hairy Dwarves

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Scientists have discovered a new planet 120 trillion miles away that they believe is potentially habitable.

It’s called GL-581 C and some astronomers believe there’s a good chance it already has life on it.

However, a self-proclaimed “distance seer” in Los Angeles claims there’s a 100 percent chance that life exists there – and he should know because he’s already traveled there.

Andy Reiss says that GL-581 C – or “C” for short – is home to a race of hairy dwarves he calls “Aluans.”

Reiss describes the Aluans as “muscular-looking dwarf beings who like to move around a lot” – even to other planets.

But the athletic aliens don’t need to worry about what to wear when they go out for a night on the galaxy. Reiss says their excessive body hair acts as protection.

Though the alienating Aluans find themselves extra naked, they aren’t shy about their bods.

Reiss claims Aluans are more outgoing, spontaneous, and easy- going than humans – which is why they fear us visiting them.

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