Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holidays Aren’t Good Time To Meet The Parents

NEW CANAAN, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Guys, meeting your girlfriend’s parents this season could turn out to be a real Christmas catastrophe.

According to relationship expert Dr. Linda Olsen, the holiday season is the worst time of the year for couples to meet each other’s parents for the first time, especially if the couple hasn’t been dating for long.

Olsen says that introducing your partner to your parents too soon – when a foundation or trust between lovebirds hasn’t developed yet – could lead to a rocky romance.

She says bringing your significant other home for the holidays sends the wrong message to both your parents and partner, and gives them a “false sense of hope for the relationship, which may or may not be there.”

Olsen explains, “The holidays are already emotional and stressful as it is, and bringing your new partner home to meet your parents can add pressure. Bringing someone home implies a heightened level of seriousness in a relationship, which could be misleading.”

But if you do decide to meet the parents this season, Olsen suggests remembering your boundaries and not being overwhelmingly affectionate under your parents roof.

She adds, “Don’t squash your feelings for your partner, but tone them down a bit at the dinner table. Know who your audience is. Mom and Dad probably don’t want to see that.”

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