Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ex-Hooker Exchanges Men For Amen

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An ex-hooker is bringing the Bible to the brothel, and saving streetwalkers with Christ.

Annie Lobert, who was once a lady of the night, is helping hookers switch from men to Amen through her online church website, and she’s got something to say to the holy rollers who persecute prostitutes.

She says, “God doesn’t hate sex. He loves sex. He only hates it when it’s out of a marital relationship.”

Lobert, who worked in the sex industry for 11 years, offers counseling to call girls and provides money and jobs to help them transition into regular working stiffs.

Lobert explains, “My goal is to give women a home to come to. I want to take the word hooker and use it for good.”

But Lobert’s Hookers For Jesus shouldn’t be confused with an infamous 1970s cult of the same name, where women would sleep with men so they’d convert to Christianity.

She says, “I hope people don’t think that we’re doing that. It’s not me. Sooner or later, a woman gets tired of spreading her legs. It’s time for me to spread the Gospel.”

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