Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Psychic Predicts ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Will End Up In The Big House

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman may have screwed the pooch by using racial slurs, but a Toronto-based psychic believes Dog is the one who’s really screwed.

Anthony Carr – known as the “World’s Most Documented Psychic” – believes The Bounty Hunter’s recent racist tirade against his son’s African American girlfriend, Monique Shinnery, will cost Dog his fame, fortune, and freedom.

Back in June 2006, Carr made a prediction about Dog in his book Stargazer: Predictions & Prophecies (White Knight), which claimed: The Bounty Hunter will suffer a terrible breakdown due to financial and legal woes. He will go berserk and end up back in the big house.

Now, with Dog tail-deep in the doghouse, Carr says he won’t be surprised if his prediction comes into fruition.

Carr says, “Dog is going down – he’s finished. I don’t see him working in television or showbiz ever again, no matter what. He’s committed the ultimate faux pas and truly screwed the pooch.”

Carr believes Dog’s troubles are a result of “bad karma” associated with his work as a bounty hunter, and says if Dog ends up in the slammer, he’ll have some rough run-ins with his “friends” that he’s helped put behind bars.

For more of Carr’s psychic premonitions, check out the latest edition of his book, Stargazer: Predictions & Prophecies.

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