Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Horror Movie Buff Has The Skills To Dodge The Kills

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One horror movie maverick has all the skills to avoid the kills in case you ever find yourself in a spooky scenarario.

Los Angeles-based producer Seth Grahame-Smith is the creator of a book and CBS online series called How To Survive A Horror Movie: All The Skills To Dodge The Kills (Quirk) airing on, where he explains the key rules to avoiding horror movie-style dangers.

Says Grahame-Smith: “There are specific deadly sins in horror movies that cause people to die. For example, you should never believe a doubtful warning from someone like, ‘Don’t worry it was just a bad dream.’ You should avoid vehicular sex at all costs, because sex in a car means guaranteed death. You should never seek independence by running off alone into the night. And you also need to realize you’re in a horror film, or you’ll definitely die.”

And Grahame-Smith knows all about dodging danger, since he practically “lived in a horror movie” as a kid.

He explains, “I grew up in a really creepy house that was built in the 1600s. The floorboards were creaky, the house was noisy, and there were headstones in our basement from an old church cemetery. My entire childhood was one big horror movie, but I made it!”

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