Monday, October 15, 2007

Steve-O Gets Down And Dirty

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jackass daredevil Steve-O is up to his old tricks again, and he’s really getting down and dirty this time.

Steve-O stars in his own USA Network reality series, Dr. Steve-O, where he takes it upon himself to “de- wussify” wimpy dudes by having them do all kinds of outrageous stunts and dares.

But Steve-O isn’t a coach who likes to sits on the sidelines, in fact, he did all of the stunts himself with his apprehensive contestants, which resulted in one dirty mess.

Steve-O explains, “Through out all of Dr. Steve-O I wore the same white doctor’s robe that ended up filthy by the end of the show because I never once washed it. It was so gross.”

With every new dare, ridiculous stunt, and personal injury, Steve-O says his doctor’s robe got dirtier and dirtier, winding up with a mixture of vomit, blood, and urine on it, but argues, “At least there’s no semen on it!”

And while he was happy to eventually peel off the scuzzy robe, the grimy garb still lives on.

He says, “Now it’s framed and hanging in the building of the production company that made my show!”

Yeah, Dude!

Dr. Steve-O airs Mondays on USA Network.

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