Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time Traveling Author Says Future Looks Good

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A time traveling author says he’s seen the future, and it looks good.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg is a hypnotherapist and author of Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment (Bruce Goldberg, Inc.), where he recounts his travels in to the 35th century, and he insists the future isn’t all “doom and gloom”.

Goldberg says, “There’s going to be anti-gravity amusement parks and teleportation stations for travel. It’s not Darth Vader and the Empire, but it’s bright.”

He also says that back in the day, Moses was told by a 31st century time traveler named “Taatos” that no Jews were present during the Exodus, something Goldberg claims to have heard straight from Taatos himself.

Says Goldberg: “I established a way to communicate with time travelers through hypnosis, so I heard it from the horse’s mouth.”

Despite such controversial ideas, Dr. Goldberg’s not worried about bringing down anyone’s belief system.

He says, “I’m not some guy freaking out on top of Mount Shasta. People can worship dog s for all I care. I’m just trying to show the truth.”

Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment is available in stores now.

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