Monday, September 10, 2007

The Donnas Love Hair Metal

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Long hair isn’t getting in the way of one group of rad rockers.

The Donnas, whose hit headbangers include “Take It Off” and “Take Me To The Backseat,” are releasing their new album, Bitchin’, on September 18, and lead lady Brett Anderson says the band’s success comes from ignoring trends and staying true to their rock roots.

Anderson says, “We try to keep it simple,straightforward, and pure. A lot of guys come to our shows because they like AC/DC or hair metal, and we bring them back to that. We’re not going to rip off Pharrell and put snaps in our songs.”

And while the band loves letting loose on stage, the women can get wicked when labeled a “girl” group.

Anderson says, “You can’t put a gender on a melody. It’s ridiculous that there’d be a girl guitar line or a girl bass line. It’s a f■■■ing instrument!”

But even though The Donnas are more about metal than makeup, they’re not afraid to show their love for one iconic band who wasn’t afraid to rock some rouge.

Anderson says, “I just saw Poison and Ratt and loved it. Ratt f■■■ing rocks!”

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