Friday, August 3, 2007

Panic Strikes Over ‘Back To School?’

LAYTONVILLE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Don’t panic, but soon the words “back to school” could trigger anxiety attacks in children.

That’s the word from trance expert Dennis Wier who says advertisers use the end-of-summer phrase to pressure kids into buying clothing, electronics, and other products right before school starts.

Wier says the popular school slogan increases feelings of anxiety over peer approval and “plays on insecurities” in kiddies.

When the phrase is used over and over again in TV commercials to advertise junk, a child’s “critical judgement” is inhibited, which makes them think they need to buy whatever is cool among their peers.

Says Wier: “It all starts with TV, and the anxious state it could put a child in. Peer anxiety created by the words ‘back to school,’ could make the classroom a very uncomfortable place for a kid.”

And if tykes decide to ask mom and dad for things they see on TV like Gameboys and iPods, but don’t end up getting them, it could mean some serious trouble.

Wier adds, “Kids may rebel and harbor aggressive attitudes towards their parents.”

To learn more about the power of trance check out Wier’s latest book, The Way Of Trance (Trance Research Foundation).

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