Friday, July 6, 2007

Culinary Artist Creates High-End Animal Fat Sculptures

CINCINNATI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A cutting-edge culinary artist is bringing back an ancient art form by sculpting high-end masterpieces out of animal fat.

Artist Dominic Palazzolo’s Cincinnati-based “Culinart” company creates expertly carved, original “tallow” sculptures – made out of food grade waxes and purified animal fat – for upscale cruiseliners, hotels, and country clubs.

Although animal fat doesn’t seem like the most useful sculpting material, Palazzolo says the tallow’s texture and flexibility make it an artist’s dream.

Palazzolo explains, “The fat combined with the waxes make a warm, shapely clay that’s very easy to work with and manipulate. Once you get it to the desired shape, it hardens and makes an ideal canvas to carve details into.”

The tallow is so versatile that Palazzolo has been able to create amazing masterpieces out of the “chef’s clay,” like sculptures of The Statue Of Liberty, and Auguste Rodin’s classic, The Thinker.

The handmade pieces typically take Palazzolo two weeks to create, and are also available in tallow that is dyed to look like cheddar cheese or chocolate, so people can display them at fancy banquets.

And while the art looks good enough to eat, Palazzolo says you shouldn’t try to nibble on the sculptures.

He explains, “They’re meant to be admired, not eaten. If you eat them, they’ll go through you in a flash!”

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