Monday, June 4, 2007

Tabloid Reporter Becomes A Hollywood Wedding Crasher

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Crashing a wedding is hard, but crashing William Shatner’s wedding is nearly impossible.

That’s the lesson learned by former Globe tabloid reporter Marlise Kast, whose first big Hollywood assignment in 1997 was to crash William Shatner’s wedding and score the scoop on Captain Kirk’s big day.

But the task was easier said than done.

Turns out, Kast was just “tagging along” during the Globe’s sting when she got courageous and decided she’d be the reporter to crash the party.

Says Kast: “I took my high heels off, grabbed an empty wine glass, and stumbled onto the lawn outside Shatner’s home pretending to be a drunk wedding guest until some security guards escorted me into the wedding.”

Once inside, Kast began her covert operation – but it didn’t last long.

Kast explains, “I felt faint, so I sat on a chair until a man told me, ‘You’re sitting on my suspenders.’ I looked up and it was Shatner wondering why a stranger was at his very private wedding. I freaked out and bolted as fast as I could to the Globe get-away car and wrote the story the next day. It was crazy!”

Kast reveals more exciting Hollywood stakeouts in her new book, Tabloid Prodigy (Running Press).

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