Friday, May 18, 2007

‘Ho’s’ Get Naked For Don Imus

Hollywood (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Don Imus got yanked off the air for using racial slurs, but one adult film company is baring it all to make sure he still gets some recognition – and some money.

On July 17, Kick Ass Pictures is releasing a porno called Nappy Headed Ho’s in honor of Imus’s infamous comment.

But for company president Mark Kulkis, the movie runs deeper than just sex, and he hopes to make a bigger statement with the nudie flick. Says Kulkis: “This is a free speech issue. If it weren’t for free speech we’d all be in jail. Plus, it happens to be a great name for a porno movie.”

Along with providing a penetrating forum for constitutional rights, Kulkis’ movie company plans to donate $1 for every DVD sold to a special retirement fund for the unemployed Imus.

And even though clothes will fly off in the name of Imus, Kulkis isn’t getting his hopes up about receiving the controversial commentator’s support.

He adds, “We’ll send it to him, but I don’t foresee Imus responding. He’s too gun-shy at this point.”

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