Thursday, April 26, 2007

Twisters Enter No-Spin Zone

ARLINGTON, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A tornado chaser from Arlington, Texas, claims the media is twisting information on twisters.

Yesterday (Apr. 25), news agencies reported a “killer” storm had taken 10 lives, but cyclonic advocate Martin Lisius calls this a bunch of hot air.

As the spin doctor notes, “Cars kill 45,000 people a year, but most people look at them and think they’re good.”

Lisius says the media gets its tornado stories all twisted, but that doesn’t stop him from driving tornado tourists all over Texas to watch the cyclones break wind – at $2795 a pop.

That is – if he doesn’t get too hungry first.

Lisius says, “I looked at my GPS one night and saw a place called Storm’s Hamburgers, so naturally I went there.”

However, the restaurant isn’t known for stormy weather.

Lisius – who could eat up a storm – explains, “The guy’s name is Storm, but their hamburgers are nice and greasy.”

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