Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Have A Shot Of Vodka In Honor Of Boris Yeltsin Today (Apr. 25)

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Boris Yeltsin’s funeral takes place today (Apr. 25) in Moscow, but some Americans may be rushin’ to mourn by downing a shot of vodka in his honor.

In fact, Texas-based vodka distributer Burt “Tito” Beveridge says doing shots is the best way to remember Yeltsin and that he more than anyone would appreciate the gesture.

But it’s important to do the Yeltsin shots in good taste – and that means doing it straight.

Says Tito: “Just chill a bottle for an hour or two then have a single shot with no mixtures – the Russians would be insulted to know you mixed something in the vodka to hide the taste.”

As he puts it, “Russians like to feel their vodka go down.”

He also says a simple toast such as: “He was a good man who did much for his country” will suffice before taking the shot.

Although Beveridge only suggests one shot for Americans with weak stomachs, Russians and other boozehounds might need a few more shots to numb their pain.

He explains: “Russia will probably be closed down for two weeks because everyone will just be out getting plastered and mourning their loss.”

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