Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rachael Harris Has A Pregnant Pause Regarding ‘Notes From Underbelly’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sometimes, life imitates art, but actress Rachael Harris hopes that’s not the case.

The former Daily Show correspondent is one of the stars of the new ABC sitcom, Notes From The Underbelly, which focuses on how pregnancy affects not the just expectant parents, but their pals as well.

Harris plays a cynical woman who, she says, has “very positive reasons for not wanting kids,” and says it’s completely the opposite of her since, she admits, “I love kids, and my husband and I are discussing having them.”

However, she admits some of the show’s graphic depictions of giving birth have had an impact on her. She jokes, “When I give birth, I’ll probably want the epidural a week before.”

Despite showing what pregnancy is really like, Harris predicts the show will be watercooler TV for folks in birthing classes.

As she puts it, “It’s realistic view of parenting and not like Beaver Cleaver. It also discusses the mixed feelings of parenthood. One day you’re excited, the next day, you’re frightened.”

Notes From The Underbelly debuts Thursday (Apr. 12).

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