Monday, April 9, 2007

Hair-Raising Documentary Reveals Comb-Over Anxiety

DENVER (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A hair-raising documentary is exposing the greatest natural remedy for baldness – the comb-over.

Producer Chris Marino has taken years to create Comb-Over: The Movie and is excited to reveal the secret world of comb- overs when the film premieres on The Sundance Channel on April 16.

Marino admits he’s been obsessed with comb-overs ever since he was a kid and saw a man with a “brilliant comb- over” at the gym.

Since then, Marino has been fascinated with the “level of denial” among balding men who comb their thinning locks over their shiny bald spot.

Says Marino: “While I was filming the documentary I got everything from ‘I don’t have a comb-over!’ to ‘Get the f away from me.’ It was total denial of something everyone could see.”

To get folks with comb-over anxiety to chat with him on camera, Marino would ask, “Can I talk to you about your choice of hairstyle?” but admits the slick line didn’t work every time.

He adds, “The resistance was incredible. I mean it’s just a hairstyle. I even got punched in the face once just for filming footage of a guy’s head, but I had to do it because his comb-over was amazing!”

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