Friday, February 23, 2007

Exercising While Driving Is Good For Your Face

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Exercising while driving may be dangerous, but not if you’re toning the muscles in your face.

Facial consultant Carole Maggio is the creator of something called “Facercises,” which are special facial exercises you can do anywhere – even in your car – to give yourself a “natural facelift.”

Maggio says “facercising” is more effective than cosmetic surgery and many facial problem areas can be toned with simple movements.

For example, raising your eyebrows up and down at least five times is actually an “eye enhancing exercise” that strains your muscles and makes your eyes bigger in no time.

For a plump pout, Maggio suggests flexing the corners of your mouth, “like you’re sucking on a lemon” and pushing on the corners with your thumb and index finger until you “feel the burn.”

For a perky schnoz, “nose pumps,” where you pinch your nose with one hand and pull your upper lip with the other hand should do the trick.

Although driving while facercising seems odd, Maggio argues, “You exercise your nose while most people are picking theirs. At least you can be constructive during your drive.”

Maggio offers instructional CD’s and DVD’s at

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