Tuesday, February 6, 2007

75 Percent Of Moms Hate The Moms Of Their Kids’ Friends

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Kids, when you’re at the playground, your mom is playing a different game: Pretending she likes the other mothers.

A new survey by Parenting magazine reveals that 75 percent of moms admit they don’t like the mothers of their kids’ friends, and 11 percent just put up with them for the children.

Fifty percent of moms say they know they don’t like another mommy when they see how she treats her kid, and 44 percent say “the way she looks at my child” is also an important clue.

No wonder 39 percent of moms say making a “mom friend” is hard, while 35 percent say “keeping a mom friend” is more difficult. However, 26 percent say “breaking up with a mom friend” is the worst.

And while 47 percent of mothers admit they feel like they are being judged when their kids act up in public, 21 percent feel the eyes of other moms are staring them down when they yell at their kids in public.

However, 74 percent insist when they see a mom yelling at her kid in public, they merely “feel sorry for her.”

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